One of the exciting aspects of technology is that there’s never just one way to use something. But given our limited time as busy parents, we never seem to have enough of it to dedicate to playing around with applications and gadgets to maximize their capabilities.

So we decided to start a new “How You’re Using It” series, which taps into our go-to “help desk”:  our Twitter followers and our Facebook fans.

We’ve asked tons of smart parents how you’re using various tech tools in your own lives, and we’re hoping you’ll be as inspired as we are by these fantastic suggestions for Dropbox, one of our favorite resources.

We’ve always used Dropbox as a smart, free service that allows you to share photo or video files that are too large to send via regular email. But we’d heard of a few folks getting creative with their Dropbox usage and here’s what we found when we asked our social media networks:

To store music, creating a central music library –Caitlin

To quickly and easily get photos from iPhone to computer –Desaline

To share common work documents with remote locations between colleagues –Rich

To keep personal business synced up between many different machines –Gilda

To back up important files, making them accessible from anywhere –Ana

So tell us, how are you using Dropbox? We’d love to know!