With Hurricane Irene in full swing right now, we thought for those of you worried about your A Zone status, you might want to grab some of the best extreme weather mobile apps.

Here are a few we found that cover topics such as finding shelters, FEMA updates, weather watch and home inventory. But most of them are useful for any emergency situation, even after Irene is a distant memory.

Stay safe, everyone!

Red Cross Shelter App (iPhone)
This well-rated free app from the American Red Cross lists when and where shelters are located, should you live in an evacuation zone or be looking for family members who might be spending the night elsewhere.

FEMA app (Android)
Here you’ll find preparedness information, an interactive checklist for emergency kits and a map with FEMA Disaster Recovery Center locations.

Hurricane (iPhone) and Hurricane HD (iPad)
Use these for alerts or tacking weather conditions. But don’t get obsessed please. If you have power, your local news should do just fine. Other options: Weather Alert USA and Radar Scope.

Emergency First Aid Treatment (iOS) and Emergency Treatment Guide (Android)
If you need a quick primer on medical info and treatment, like how handle CPR or panic attacks,  these apps practical well beyond storm season.

Home Inventory Photo (iPhone) and MyHome Pro (Android)
Use these apps to keep an inventory of your possessions for insurance purposes.We can safely say that these are the apps we hope you never have to rely on. -Beth

Do you have any app recommendations for those experiencing weather emergencies?

(h/t Techcocktail, Information Week)