I’m the kind of consumer that brands love. I like a good deal and if one is offered to me, I’ll shell out the cash (occasionally for something that I don’t even need). Twenty percent off and free shipping on alpaca lined boots in July? Sign me up!

I came across a site for shoppers like me called Itemize.com that serves as a free personal digital shopping assistant.

You create an account and set preferences for the types of categories you shop for and it instantly culls together the best deals within those categories it can find. For example, when I set “Shoes” as a category, deals from Puma, LL Bean and Ugg were offered to me.

Where it goes even deeper into deals for you is by getting access to your previous online shopping history and creating a “Shopping DNA” that charts your tastes and prior purchases — and from that offers even more personalized deals. One big caveat though: in order for Itemize to create this DNA, you have to provide them with access to your email account, so that it can automatically import all your online shopping receipts and gather more specific data on what you like to purchase.

If you’re wary of giving a third party service that much access — and I will say that I am — you can manually send receipts. Or forgo that option altogether and just select general preferences to get deals within those categories. The deals may not be as personalized, but hey, if the price is right, I’m buying. -Jeana

Find great deals and manage your shopping with Itemize.com

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