Atlanta’s The Baby Grands have a laid-back sound with a beat that I like so much — it reminds me a bit of the Barenaked Ladies mixed with Jack Johnson. And now, for a limited time, it’s free.

The Baby Grands are offering up their second release, The Baby Grands II, for no charge until August 11th. This download includes ten tunes like the clever Palindrome Express, the catchy Brain Freeze and the humorous Upside Down.

You do need to give them your email address in return, so they can keep in touch with you. But, these guys are no spambots: They’ll probably send out a couple of live concert announcements and news about their next release. And given how much we’ve liked their first two releases, being in-the-know about their next CD would be  a good thing. -Christina

Get a free download of The Baby Grands II as a thanks for signing up to their email list at The Baby Grands’ website. Offer expires around August 11th.

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