The Hipwaders’ first CD was a quick little EP that I loved for its edgy sound. And now, with their new full-length CD, The Golden State, my favorite song pairs the sweetest lyrics with a chorus that makes me want to grab the nearest sticky hands and jump around the room for a few minutes.

Hey, Josie! is a kind-hearted ode about a baby coming in for show-and-tell, but it’s also a song packed with little surprises like a happy little Beach Boys-esque “ba-pa-ba” harmony tucked in after the rousing chorus.

Super-intelligent verse will have younger kids asking what “altruism” means while the simple five-word chorus Hey Josie, baby come on will just get everyone out of their seats. Or, at least nodding their heads enthusiastically on these hot summer days. –Christina

Download Hey, Josie! from The Hipwaders’ The Golden State from our affiliate Amazon.

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