Covering technology, I come across my fair share of cool products. Some I value for their aesthetic value, others for their function, and then there are the unique ones that combine the best of both worlds. My latest discovery fits perfectly into this category and not only impresses me, a discerning techie, but will be sure to also tickle the fancy of road warriors, environmentalists, space savers, cord haters, gadget lovers — all in one.

It’s a wireless Logitech keyboard that’s solar-powered, actually more like light-powered since it works with the sun and indoor light. The Logitech Solar Keyboard 750 is an amazing innovation that needs no cords, no batteries, nothing but light. Not to mention it’s just a third of an inch thick.

It’s a gorgeous black keyboard that is so sleek and streamlined, it can revive any old monitor or desktop. All you have to do is plug a receiver into your computer/laptop and the keyboard is ready to roll, or type.

Mac users, get ready: Logitech just announced the availability of a 750 Solar Keyboard for Mac too. As if you need anything else to make your computers even more cool. -Jeana

The Logitech Solar Keyboard can be purchased from our affiliate for $51.99. The Mac version is available for pre-order now and will sell for $59.99.