In just a few short months, my iPad has become my handy little sidekick for checking everything from the weather, to the news headlines, to the latest movie reviews, wherever I am.

And while I’ve found handy apps for all of these things, I am loving how Bing is interpreted for the iPad in a way that makes it so easy to search.

Instead of just taking their website and making it look good on the iPad, Bing for iPad really takes full advantage of the cool features that make iPad users rave. Here’s why:

1. Starting with the main page, the full-screen images are photographic beauties where users can touch hot-spots in the picture for more information on what they are viewing.

2. Along the bottom of the page, the Bing app provides me with one-glance info like the current weather or top news headlines. Want more than a single headline? Just click on “news” and get a nicely-organized page of headlines which useful since I get approximately 2.4 minutes to read the news before I hear MOM!

3. Using that cool finger-swipe movement that I find oddly satisfying when reading a book on my iPad, I can easily scroll through “pages” of news stories.

4. On-page Bing search capabilities means I can do a quick search without having to close one app and open another.

5. You’ve got to try out the voice-activated search function which is amazingly accurate and makes me want to clap every time I use it. Heck, any time I can avoid typing on my iPad, I’m happy.

6. The coolest technology in the latest Bing app is something called “lasso.” Instead of going through a bunch of steps to copy/paste, I can just use my finger to circle the terms I want to search, and Bing automatically opens a search page with the words I’ve lasso’d. Sweet.-Christina

Check out Bing for the iPad (it’s free!) by downloading it from iTunes

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