I’ve always figured it was only a matter of time until Petunia Pickle Bottom takes over the world. And now it’s true, as the company known for some of the most gorgeous baby carriers and diaper bags known to mom makes the leap into other accessories, including gorgeous iPhone 4 cases.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Adorn iPhone cases are quite beautiful, making use of the same funky European-inspired patterns (“Siesta in Sevilla;” “Lively La Paz”) I’ve come to expect from them. I will say that while pretty, they’re very basic coated fabric cases, giving your phone some protection but not a ton. If you’re the type that doesn’t use your phone every minute, carrying it around in a padded or protective case, this is a stylish choice.

One is available now, with 6 more coming soon. Just don’t get one to match your diaper bag. Please. –Liz

Find the stylish new iPhone 4 cases at the Petunia Pickle Bottom online shop

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