Our readers are often the source of the coolest finds, like this one — a fantastic little self-funded website that allows young children to create, imagine, and play without the help of a single TV character.

Click around the whimsical world of Poisson Rouge and prepare to get lost for a bit. I mean…your kids. There are no directions, and that’s intentional. In fact, I hesitate to link to anything at all or show any screen shots, because part of the fun is navigating it yourself.

That said, the Posson Rouge Art Gallery was my first stop, with exercises inspired by Miro, Picasso, Escher, and the most fun of all, Jackson Pollack. Click the ABC area and every letter clicked leads to a little surprise, and then one more inside that. And don’t miss my favorite (so far), the choir (shown) which lets you create your very own choral masterpieces by clicking the little children on and off.

When you’re done with those, there are more than 30 other rooms to try out, including the Interactive Encyclopedia which is like another 30 rooms in itself.

Poisson Rouge really feels to me like the best of what the internet is supposed to be: artists creating. Children discovering. Parents telling their kids, “hold on, you can go next…” –Liz

You can support Poisson Rouge by shopping their boutique or making an optional donation and help keep it free of advertising.

[thanks eileen!]