My iPhone doubles as my camera. It’s why I have so many photo apps — my iPhone is almost always in my hand whenever the kids do something cute (and even not-so-cute). The digital camera? Honestly couldn’t even tell you where that thing is right now.

Just a few problems here: phone photos aren’t always the best. They can be blurry (kids move so fast) and I usually lose precious seconds fumbling to find the right app. But I’ve found a rad solution.

The Canopy Kapok for iPhone 4 is a hardback case for your phone — that turns your phone into a fully functioning digital camera.

It comes with a tripod and a free downloadable app that gives your phone the screen of a digital camera, with all the bells and whistles in order to take a perfect picture: a timer, white balance, flash, time lapse, video capabilities, and more, plus two buttons that you actually press to focus and take photos, just like a regular camera.

It’s a little bulky and heavy for a regular case, but it’s pretty ideal for toting along on a vacation, a trip to the park, or other event that you don’t want to be bogged down with a billion gadgets. -Lexi

Set your iPhone camera’s sights on the Canopy Kapok.