I’m a pretty avid Mozilla Firefox user, but only recently have I entered the amazing world of Add-ons. While we’ve covered a few that we really love, like PriceBlink (amazing!), this week I asked our Twitter followers for their own favorite Firefox add-ons. Here are their awesome suggestions:

*If you’re a fan of Evernote, then you’ll want to check out the Firefox add-on that allow you to clip and save to your lists with a couple of quick clicks.

*Streamline and secure your surfing experience by blocking ads and possible Malware sites with Adblock Plus.

*Use Interclue if you want everything you need to know about a link before you decide to click on them.

*Screengrab is to PC users what Grab is to Mac users–a way to grab easy screenshots of an entire web page or just select parts.

For more add-ons, visit the Mozilla Add-ons site. And tell us, what are your favorite Mozilla Firefox add-ons?

{Thanks @matt0999 and @jenrana!}