When you’re trying to get back into the work force after some time off for raising kids, it can be hard for all kinds of reasons. But then, there are some things that have gotten easier about it too. Like the fact that now professional networking is something you can do right from your Facebook account.

BeKnown, the Facebook app from job search site Monster.com, has become a pretty popular way for people to network within their circles on the site. This is a great tool, for those of you who don’t have LinkedIn pages, to take advantage of your existing connections and apply for jobs or see company info, directly from the app.But what’s even better is that with the all new BeKnown app, it’s all gone mobile.

Now when you’ve got a little down time in the playground or a wait in the parking lot while your kid naps, you can connect to a whole professional network of Facebook friends. Just create a BeKnown account (it’s easy) then you can begin populating it with everything that’s fabulous about you. Just one tip: if you’re going for a professional position, don’t list “Jaden’s Mommy” as your current job. Even though we know it’s the most important one of all. -Jeana

BeKnown is a free app for iPhone and Android devices.