With all the rumors about the big iPhone 5 release lately, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the news about when exactly I’ll be able to get my hands on one. Well, it finally looks like we’ve got an actual date, so mark your calendars, Apple fans!

According to Apple, CEO Tim Cook will be holding a media event on October 4, at which he’ll announce the iPhone 5. At least, that’s what reliable sources are reporting. This makes sense since everything we’ve read has said that the new phone would be available in early October. It’s perfect timing for those of us with iPhone 3s who are biding time until the new release, and perfect timing for the holidays.

Oh who am I kidding–like I’ll be able to wait that long. -Kristen

So, are you holding out for the iPhone 5? Do you want one? Would you be willing to wait on line for it? We want to know!

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