The Green Album Muppets
We’ve watched OK Go’s excellent video interpretation of the Muppet Show Theme Song approximately 423 times in our home, and I adore their quirky take on a song I’ve known since childhood.

But, for my download of the week, I’m stepping a little further into The Muppets’ The Green Album for another song that seems perfect as we embark on a whole new school-year adventure.

With punk-rock band Alkaline Trio kicking things up a notch, Movin’ Right Along is a pretty faithful remake of the original, though I love the faster, driving drums that update this ’79 Kermit/Fozzie duo. Throw it on for the carpool, and you’ll feel hip and nostalgic. . . just try not to drive as fast as those drums. –Christina

Download a copy of Alkaline Trio’s Movin’ Right Along from The Green Album from our affiliate Amazon.


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