If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name in the rolling credits of movies, well, this app doesn’t quite do that. But it does let you customize movie clips with your own messages and that in itself is pretty cool.

The app is called PercyFX, Percy being short for personalize. Download it for iPhone, and you can insert a custom message into real Hollywood movie clips. Like displaying COOL MOM TECH RULES! in the lightning-struck power lines by the clock tower in Back to the Future, all ready to share on YouTube or Facebook.

Right now, there’s a short list of movie clips available to customize, from Despicable Me, Hop, American Pie, The Fast & The Furious, Sixteen Candles, and a couple more. The list of movies available is definitely very limited with more to come soon.

The big issue is that this “free” app isn’t actually free; you get two sample clips to customize and after that, you have to purchase a pack of 3 custom clips for $0.99; 10 for $2.99 or 20 for¬†$4.99. Totally worth it if you’re using this as a way to announce your new pregnancy or impromptu Vegas elopement to the world.There’s also a character limit, so you can’t really write out a Shakespearean¬†love poem to your beloved in American Pie, but come on; the romance in that movie speaks for itself. –Jeana

PercyFX is available for free from iTunes. Android compatibility is in the works.

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