We’re so appreciative of our Cool Mom Picks community on Facebook, but thanks to recent major Facebook changes the site has made, we’re hearing that a lot of you aren’t seeing our updates. We feel for you! We’re not seeing a lot of our own favorite page’s updates now either.

It seems Facebook, going for a more “intuitive” experience, has changed the way it picks which content you see. The Top News and Most Recent tabs we were all used to have changed. Now your Top News stories and posts you’ve interacted with most recently may appear above more recent posts, which could push some of your favorite content out of sight.

Here are a few tips to help you keep the cool posts that you want coming to your main news feed.

Comment on and “like” updates: Since Facebook is operating on what seems to be a new algorithm, and one that’s trying to serve more personalized information, it’s important that you give it the information it needs to keep pulling your page updates up the queue. If you like or comment on a post on Cool Mom Picks–or any other Facebook page–that makes content from that page more likely to show up in your feed.

Make lists: Although creating lists has been around for a while, new changes to Facebook have made it easier to do so, and to categorize contacts in ways that makes it easier for you to interact and stay up-to-date. So for example, you can add us to a list of “Cool Stuff” or “Product Recommendations,” or depending on how long you’ve been a subscriber, “Close Friends.” (We feel the same way about you!)

Use Facebook for iPad (and iPhone): It’s hard to believe that it has taken this long for Facebook to create a dedicated Facebook iPad app but this brand new release is a much easier way to make sure you don’t miss your favorite updates. If you’re one of those iPhone/iPad-toting mamas that carries your beloved devices around in your diaper bag, download it stat. Then you’ll never miss a favorite pick or a super discount.  -Jeana

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