If you ever tried to customize any kind of product, you probably came across Zazzle.com. We’ve always loved their mobile phone cases, but now ever more so that Case-Mate’s durable cases are available for customization–and not just for iPhone owners either.

Having purchased many a Case-Mate case, they’re durable, well-made, and now customizableĀ too, with your own photos, text, logos, or anything that will fit, essentially. Plus there are ready-made designs that are pretty great–love those scottie dogs and the retro cassette case but there are so many options. Grab yours for iPodĀ Touch, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, and more than 1300 for Samsung Galaxy alone. Because clearly, it’s not just iOS fans that want to get funky these days.

With a blank slate, now the fun part is deciding what to put on it. -Jeana

Custom Case-Mate mobile cases start at $34.95 at zazzle.com


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