Admit it. When you read those Harold and The Purple Crayon books as a child, you longed to have a magical purple crayon just like his. Though the ideas I’d draw today (a clean house! a remodeled kitchen! a pair of Camper boots in size 10!) are much different than what I dreamt up in my youth, this new book app for the Crockett Johnson classic lets your children take part in the story through the magic of touch.

The Harold and The Purple Crayon app not only lets your kids read the story alone, or have it read to them, it actually lets them join right in and draw their own way through the book. Tracing over Harold’s drawings, the illustrations turn purple under the touch of your child’s finger. And hidden within the story, surprise elements are waiting to be discovered on each page–like twinkling stars dancing around the moon or rogue tumbleweeds blowing across Harold’s path.

Harold and the Purple Crayon iPad app | Cool Mom Tech

I love the added touch which allows your child to add his or her name on a “This Book Belongs To” stamp on the home page.

This story lends itself so perfectly to the added element of interactivity which makes this book app something quite magical for little readers. Even more magical? If I could turn off the music playing in the background during the story-telling. Yes, it adds a sweet element to the narration, but after awhile, I’d rather just hear the story without it. Even so, I’m excited to share this childhood favorite with my kids, 2011 style. -Molly

Harold and The Purple Crayon is available for iPad and iPhone in the iTunes store in both a lite “preview” version and full version. Android coming soon!

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