For every Superbowl-loving, Housewives-addicted, or Tangled-obsessed person in your household, have we got the answer:

An 80-inch TV.

No kidding.

Billed as the world’s largest LCD TV, this recently launched 80-inch sharp Aquos even tops previous WORLD’S LARGEST LCD TV offerings from LG which was a mere 72-inch model. Bah. I mean really, what kind of Oscars watching party can you expect to hold around that small thing? Not a very good one I’m sure.

Ringing in at a buck short of $5000, the 80″ Aquos is the ultimate entertainment room centerpiece, complete with Smart TV options to get you your Netflix, CinemaNow and Vudu streaming video fix.

Just make sure to tip the delivery guys really, really well. –Liz

The Sharp Aquos 80″ TV is available from Sharp, or online at Best Buy

Would you ever buy this thing?


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