My nine year old daughter has a lot to say about everything. She likes to let her opinions be known about what books she’s willing to read, what foods she’ll eat, what toys she’ll play with.

Now, with today’s release of a very cool new website designed for tweens just like her, she can share those strong opinions with her peers.

Like Yelp or CNET for tweens, KidzVuz is the brain child of two prominent women in the mom blogging space, Rebecca Levey and Nancy Friedman, who realized their own kids wanted a place to share opinions the same way moms have been doing online for years. So they created a site where kids can safely do just that, sharing thoughts on things that matter to them–apps, books, movies, television shows, vacation destinations or even a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Kids create an account and upload short videos sharing their opinions and expertise on things they interact with and enjoy (or don’t!) every day. Essentially, kid reviews that can be created or searched.

Try the search–fascinating stuff from a parent’s perspective.

They can even create and join groups with other KidZVuZ members with similar interests–so they can compare notes on fun things to do at Disney World, share cheats on Wii Batman, or debate the merits of Justin Bieber. Then they can find friends, leave messages and even earn badges as they interact with the site.

KidzVuz reviews

However as a parent, it’s the nuts and bolts behind this website that will have me encouraging my daughter to give it a try. The site is completely moderated; every video and comment is screened before posting for bad language, inappropriate content, unkind comments, or even information that might put your child’s safety in jeopardy. Kids never use their real names or locations. And all new accounts must first be approved by a parent before becoming active.It really feels like a completely safe place for my daughter to hang out, make friends and feel empowered to express herself–as if I’ve left her under the watchful eye of a few of my own mom-friends. -Molly

KidzVuz launches today and can be found at