There have been times I’ve driven through my town on trash day and have been stupefied at the things that people are willing to just throw away–cribs, baby toys, bicycles. I understand that not every person has the time or the energy to try and sell these items, but if there were an easier way to do it, donation would be an option too.

And now it is.

Freecycle isn’t for everyone (different neighborhoods have varying degrees of success with it) but Treshr might be the answer to that. This very cool site that lets you enter in your location on a graphical interface and pull up all the free stuff that’s being given away in your area, cross-posted with Craigslist. If you sign up for a free username and password, you can list items as well.

Looking at the site, I saw everything from baby jogging strollers, to 40 moving boxes, to unopened jars of organic baby food. Even a dog. So basically, there’s no limit to what free stuff you can post–or what you might discover you’d like. Of course you also have to skip a few spammy listings for “make money at home” or “free Starbucks gift card” but there aren’t many of those yet.

The one thing to keep in mind is that the list of Treshr(s) is dependent on where you live. There wasn’t anything listed in my area, but when I panned to New York state, the listings were abundant. I’m sure that as more people begin using the site, free stuff will be at your fingertips. –Jeana 

[h/t Swiss Miss]

Donate things you no longer need, or find cool free stuff you do at Treshr.