Space: the final frontier. A mysterious place filled with giant monsters and noxious clouds of gas. Get ready to steer the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 straight into the uncharted reaches of the most terrifying place in the universe, a gaping maelstrom of darkness.

Your baby’s mouth.

Our dorky darlings at ThinkGeek have gone beyond red shirt onesies and phaser-shaped rattles to introduce the wonderful world of Star Trek to You: The Next Generation. By which we mean your baby.

Boldly go where no applesauce has gone before with the Star Trek Enterprise Light Up Feeding System. Your little Klingon will be mesmerized by the blinking LED lights in the spoon, and you’ll be amused by the motion activated lights in the bib that help bring the spoon in for a landing–by distracting the baby.

The spoon is BPA free–we checked. And it comes with three dishwasher-safe spoon attachments. Plus, both the spoon and the bib can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Or tribble. –Delilah

Find the Star Trek Enterprise Light Up Feeding System at ThinkGeek. Where else, right?

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