We raved about the FitBit last year as the perfect holiday tech gift for fitness-obsessed family members, so I was thrilled to learn that they just launched a new, juiced up version this week. Especially with the holiday or what I call “eating” season upon us.

The new FitBit Ultra has all the fantastic features of the classic version, like wirelessly tracking your steps, distance, yes even your sleep (or if you’re like me, lack thereof) so you can take control of not only your fitness, but really, your overall health and well-being. Now with the cool Ultra upgrade (and pretty new colors), you’ll get to track floors climbed (if that was something you were missing), and you’ll have access to a built-in clock and stopwatch, which might just help eliminate the need for yet another gadget. Or as I always put it, another gadget to lose. -Kristen

To learn more and purchase the new FitBit Ultra, visit FitBit.com