I currently have over 600 photos on my iPhone — and those are just the shots I love enough to keep. Like so many moms, I’ve stopped carrying my real camera because I snap the kids doing something totally cute on my phone, then send it off in an email or text message to my parents or my in-laws or the Internet.

But wouldn’t it be fun if you could fancy up those photos a little bit? Maybe by adding a talk bubble to the shot of the baby making that crazy face, or some superhero action noises (Bam! Pow!) to the picture of the neighbor kid in her Halloween costume?

Smilebox‘s free new iPhone app lets you turn your off-the-cuff snaps into conversation pieces. Enhance it with talk bubbles, frames, text — the options are virtually endless. Text or email your photos to friends and family, or post to Facebook, right from the app. Smilebox alerts you when your photo is viewed, so you know that Nana saw that great shot of the baby with the “I love you, Nana!” talk bubble.

I’m totally in love with this app; I can’t stop turning pictures of my kids into pages from comic books. I should probably apologize to everyone in my contacts list, shouldn’t I? -Susan

Smilebox app is free from iTunes. Or use the Smilebox web app on your Mac or PC

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