I am breathlessly awaiting the arrival of my new iPhone 4S, but my breathlessness has less to do with seeing the new iPhone than with a kind of desperate hopefulness that my current phone will not completely fall apart before the new one shows up.

When it does, I’m seriously leaning toward the Re-Case line of iPhone cases; they’re super cool looking, come in great colors and are made entirely of trash. Yes, trash.

Specifically, each case is made from a material called POLLIBER, a post-consumer thermoplastic and semi-carbonized waste fiber composite. Not sure what that means? In human terms–rice husks.

The ripple design sits comfortably and ergonomically in your hand, which is a big plus if you use your phone as much as I do. Which is a whole lot. In other words, I’m totally sold on the trashy iPhone case. Now my new phone just needs to get here. -Susan

Order your Re-Case at Miniwiz.com. The Re-Case fits the iPhone 4 and 4S and comes in six great colors. And it’s made entirely of trash!

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