Cross-stitch iPhone case kit
Love your fancy iPhone? Got mad crafty skills? Then you’ll probably be as geeked out as I am over these cross-stitch iPhone cases from Purl Soho.

The blank canvas
cross-stitch case fits the iPhone 4 or 4s and comes with a needle, three colors of thread and a booklet of
design ideas. But if you
don’t find what you’re looking for in their book of designs, here are three more fun cross-stitch pattern ideas for personalizing your case that I scouted on Etsy: 

The No Case
The most common word I say when
my iPhone is in my hands? No! No, you cannot play with it. No, you
cannot text your cousin. No, you cannot take it outside to film the dog.

Now, if I simply cross-stitch the word No on the back of my case, my
kids will already know the answer to the questions they ask over and
over. ($3 from Natasha Early)
Red rotary phone cross stitch

The Rotary Phone Case
I may be fancy with my iPhone 4s, but I still love a
funky vintage phone. This retro red phone cross-stitch design would be all kinds of
ironic on the back of your case. ($5 at Tiny Modernist)

Vintage Kodak Camera Case
Don’t tell my
Nikon, but my iPhone has become my go-to picture-taker. I love the idea
of stitching this old film camera pattern on the back of my
iPhone case to remind me of the camera I have tucked away at home. ($5 at Tiny Modernist)


The cross-stitch iPhone 4 cases are available on the Purl Soho website. Other small,
phone-sized patterns can be found on
Etsy. If a seller is out of the pattern, convo her and she can create another for you.

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