Kids' holiday wish lists go digital with BitzueThe holiday list-making has hit full-force in this house. Yesterday my nine year-old handed me a list not only for the upcoming holidays but a second prioritized list for her birthday. 

My 7 year-old, who I insanely showed the copy button on our all-in-one–has been photocopying pages out of toy catalogs and gluing them onto notebook paper. And if they hold Santa accountable for the dizzying number of lists that appear–revised and updated–on my desk each week, he’s in trouble. 

Hello Bitzue! You just might be the wish list lifesaver I am looking for.

Bitzue is an online gift registry for kids. Now instead of
managing seven versions of scribbled kid-lists and fielding the
grandparents’ requests for gift ideas, your child can create their own
online gift registry complete with links, prices, and shipping info for
the things they really want.
process is pretty simple. Your child registers for a free online account
with Bitzue (which will have to be pre-approved if they are under 13)
and then creates a gift bag for any occasion which can be shared via email or Facebook.
Through an online search within the Bitzue site or with their own direct
links, your child can easily add items to their bag which is private and password protected. Gift-givers can then buy them directly through the links.

Bitzue - online gift registry for kidsPlease be warned though:
The search function within the Bitzue site is not completely kid-safe. Let’s
just say one of my test searches brought up something in fishnet that I
know isn’t on my 4 year old’s wish list.

can also set-up a “savings bank” for cash gifts, which is a slightly classier way to let relatives  know if they’re saving up for a big-ticket item–or even for a charity.

The best part? The site will even remind your kids to email thank you
notes. -Molly

Get your kids’ holiday wish list started online at Bitzue