Etymotic ETY Kids earphones
I’m more than happy to have my kids play their hand held video games or my iPad in the house without headphones, so long as they keep the volume down. But when it’s a long car ride or trip, having something on their ears becomes a necessity for peaceful movie watching or game playing.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have discovered this new line of safe listening earphones designed just for kids.

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The new ETY kids earphones
from Etymotic are made for kids 4 and up, and feature the amazing sound
quality they are known for, but with safe sound output levels. That means that kids listen at the highest level safely for up to four
hours without you having to monitor the volume setting. Sweet. And because they fit
securely into a little kid’s ear, they block out background noise so
your kids won’t feel the need to turn up the volume; they’ll hear their
game, movie, or music just fine. Don’t let them try to fool you.

It’s not surprising that earphones this well-made are expensive, so I’d be sure
you’re in charge of keeping them until you feel as though your kiddo
won’t leave them in the school bus or at a friend’s house.

And while they are made for kids, if you happen to have smaller ear
holes, which most women do, you’ll like them as well. Just keep in mind
that if you’re used to blasting your music at ridiculous levels (guilty!), you will
notice a pretty big difference, at least at first. But since I’d like to keep my
hearing intact as long as possible, it’s a sacrifice I don’t mind making. -Kristen

You can purchase the new ETY kids 5 safe listening earphones with volume control at And get 20% off your purchase at with “CoolMom11” through 1/31/2012.

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