I have always asserted that if I were to win the lottery, I would acquire the services of a personal chef, personal trainer and personal shopper. Since the odds of that happening are pretty rare (or zero), at least you can get something close to a personal shopper online now, and it’s made just for parents in search of the most perfect gear.

LelaKnows is a website that uses a “Compatibility Engine” to help cater your tastes to baby products on the market. You take an initial compatibility quiz that assesses your style, then your best baby product matches magically appear on screen.

After taking the test, they dubbed me as being savvy with a splash of diva, a queen of cool and a feel-good fanatic (why, thank you very much). As such, the number one choice of stroller for me was, drumroll…the Swift Inglesina. Interesting, because it’s not a stroller I might have considered.You can also search for gear based on criteria like airplane travel, tall parents, or urban living. It’s a great way to narrow down a lot of your gear choices, even if for now the categories are limited to cribs, strollers and car seats.

I hope you and your match will be very happy together.

Search for the baby products and gear that fit your lifestyle with LelaKnows

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