Speedy Tot app - find changing stations, nursing rooms and more
If you’ve ever tried to hold a baby on your lap and change their diaper or breastfeed all from the oh-so inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unsanitary stall of a public bathroom, then this app is for you. Traveling with babies–or doing holiday shopping with them in tow–is anything but predicable and you never know when an unplanned blowout or baby meltdown will require a change or feed on-the-go.

Based upon your current location, the Speedy Tot app
lets you know about areas close by that have high chairs, changing
stations or even a place to sit and breastfeed or give your baby a

The list tells you exactly how far you are from each
baby-friendly spot and links to a street map that gives you an exact
pin-point location. And if you’re out and about and discover a great
spot that didn’t make the map, it is simple to add the location and
share it’s baby-friendly features. 

While I
wish there was a way to search for a specific location so that I could
plan ahead for baby pit-stops on trips, anything that keeps me from
lap-changes and dressing room nursing sessions is a definite mama
must-have. -Molly

The Speedy Tot app is available in the iTunes app store.

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