YOUBIQ Gymbl iPhone accessoryOkay, it doesn’t slice, dice, and make perfect julienned fries, but YOUBIQ’s Gymbl does work as a stand, a grip, and a tripod–everything you need to elevate your iPhone’s camera and video capabilities to where you don’t even need to carry anything else.

You can use it as a stand to watch media or run FaceTime; use it as a
grip to help eliminate shake while capturing moving scenes; set it up as
a tripod and you’ve got a steady base for video or for capturing
panoramic views. Need a bigger tripod? No problem, there’s an adapter in
the Gymbl’s base so that you can put the whole thing atop your regular
tripod, too.

My husband is a professional
photographer, and I practically had to wipe the drool off the Gymbl when
he was done playing with it. He particularly likes how compact they’ve
made it, especially considering how many solutions it provides (I
believe he said the third tripod leg where the other two tuck
inside–and then that becomes the grip for mobile use–is “brilliant.”)

His one quibble is that you have to use the included Gymbl case to
attach your phone to the device, and in addition to being kind of
boring, it has an added “lip” which makes it too big to fit in his belt
case. It’s certainly not a concern for those of us carrying our iPhones
in our purses, but something to consider for the guys who wear theirs in

All in all, though, you can pack one
of these and leave the rest of your photo equipment at home, which is
kind of spectacular. -Mir

can purchase a Gymbl directly through YOUBIQ,
or through our affiliate, Amazon.