I'm In! - Traveling app for kids
One of my kids’ favorite things to do on my iPad is flip through all the pictures and search for photos of themselves. Yes, they’re self-centered like that. So you can imagine their sheer joy at this newest app which makes their shining little faces the star of the story.

Right in time for Thanksgiving travel, too.

The I’m In! – Traveling app for kids by Jolly Giraffe lets
you drop a photo of your child into the app so that the story suddenly
becomes all about them. The app features an insanely addictive, but very
cute song for each story “frame”– all centered around the theme of yes,
you guessed it–
– travel!

With the song playing in the background (for better or for worse),
your child can watch themselves get around by plane, car and train with
their trusty Teddy along for the ride. And tucked inside each scene are
extra effects and sounds which are fun for little kids to discover. 

app is free, or an in-app purchase of the full version gives you
access to more vehicles for your child to ride as well as the ability to
send the images as customized e-cards. A cute idea, but for now, my
kids are perfectly entertained by finding ridiculous pictures of each
other to stick into the story and to listening to the songs over and
With Turkey Day right around the corner
and the potential for many hours in holiday traffic, this might be just
the perfect app for the trip. But do yourself a favor– bring the earphones.-Molly

The I’m In! – Traveling app is available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store.

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