If you grew up playing Tetris on your Game Boy during family road trips, these adorkable gift tags are probably making your thumbs twitch right now. Just look at those juicy red buttons.

And how fun and awesomely ironic would it be to tie one onto the box of a kid’s new Nintendo DS?

The Video Game Gift Tags from Coolbeans717 on Etsy are the perfect way for geeks to mark their gift territory. Drugstore-bought Snowmen and Santa pale in comparison to that beautiful, monochromatic screen and the perfectly rounded corners of what has always been my favorite hand-held gaming system. 

These little paper Game Boys are printed, cut, scored, folded, and punched by hand and tied with a ribbon, which accounts for a price higher than your local big box store. She does need 3 days to get them shipped, so plan ahead before wrapping gifts for the IT department at work. 
I simply adore the fact that the back of the card is the back of the Game Boy, just as I remember it. Um, anybody got some AA batteries? This thing only gets 10 hours of game life.~Delilah
Find the Video Game Gift Tags at Coolbeans717 on Etsy and check out the rest of her shop forfor a Game Boy iPad sleeve, a Tardis Kindle case, and a Smartphone sleeve shaped like an old school Nintendo controller.

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