OnStar - now for every car!OnStar and I are getting married. Our courtship was brief–a weekend trial period–but know I know he’s the one for me.

If you’re not familiar, OnStar is a mobile concierge connected to your rear view mirror that serves as your copilot while you ride. Up until recently, it was only available in GM cars. No longer! This is a very big deal–and partly why we included it in our 10 hot tech holiday gift list this year.

Now it is available as an after market add-on to your favorite swagger
wagon. Buy the device, have it installed then spend about $19-29 a month
on the service.

OnStar’s features include emergency notification (in an accident, OnStar
will attempt to contact you and keep you on the line until the
emergency personnel, which they also summon, arrive. OnStar can track your
vehicle if it is stolen, offer roadside assistance if you run out of
gas, help you find the nearest gas station if your gas light goes on
unexpectedly and even give you turn by turn directions to your dinner
party. All from a real live person.

If you need to make a phone call, OnStar helps you out with that, too.
It does everything but your laundry.

It would be
ideal for a car with a teenage driver, or an elderly parent, at least
giving you some piece of mind. Let’s be honest, you tech-savvy mamas may
already have some of the features that OnStar provides with an iPhone
or Droid. But, OnStar is a one stop shop that allows you to keep your
eyes on the road and the personal assistance is unbelievable.
OnStar is GPS, Bluetooth, personal concierge, roadside assistance, and
friend all at once. And I am so in love with it, I’m blushing as I
write. –Eva

You can purchase OnStar at Best Buy or your local electronic store.