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Now that we’ve turned back the clocks (we did, didn’t we?) there’s one more reason my kids will be waking up too early. And one more reason I’m glad to have come across a decent learning clock made for kids and their sleep-deprived parents–and isn’t that all of us?

The ZAZOO Photo Clock is
designed to help teach kids better sleeping habits, but I think
we all know that that’s code for please please please, don’t wake me
up yet.

It has a digital screen that shows
the time of day and a picture that makes it abundantly clear whether
it’s DAY or NIGHT, at a time of your choosing Personally I’d like to
make 8AM the beginning of DAY but 7 seems more fair. You can also upload
your own photos should you want to personalize it, which kids will get a
kick out of for sure.

It’s got some handy features like a
naptime setting, and an alarm should you have the rare kids who like to
sleep late, or who miss the morning cues in the winter when it stays
dark so long.

We’ve been playing with a sample they sent over for the past week, and honestly, this thing is overbuilt–but not in a bad way.
The USB port lets you play MP3s and videos on the screen, which might be
nice when kids outgrow the sleep functions. And while the SD card slot
lets you upload those family photos easily and create a slide show, I’d
imagine that would be distracting when kids are trying to sleep. Better
to turn the whole thing into a digital photo frame when the kids get

It’s nice to know this has more applications beyond
toddlerhood, because it’s not a cheap clock at $89.00. Then again, there
are times I’d have paid a lot more for just an hour more sleep in the
morning. –Liz

Find the The ZAZOO Photo Clock online

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