This was the year I was going to be organized for Christmas. But let’s see…I haven’t wrapped a single present, I have three handmade gifts to finish, a family party tonight where I’m expected to bring cookies, lots of cookies, and a messy house. 

So if you’re anything like me, and need a few hours (or days?!) of time with your kids happily engaged so that you can get all that last-minute primping and prepping done for the holidays, we’ve scouted out three amazing holiday apps that will have them fighting over who gets the next turn with the iPad. 

nothing my kids like more than taking crazy photos of themselves with
my phone. But the ability to turn each other into the Grinch or Cindy
Lou Who and send the personalized cards off in an email to friends and
family? They could spend hours doing that. 
a giant sticker album on your phone, the Christmas version of the
ClickySticky app has 5 adorable holiday scenes that your kids can
decorate with a tap and drag of their sticky little fingers.

Cookie Maker (Free)

As much as I’d like my kids in the kitchen
while I bake all those holidays cookies, sometimes I just have to get
the job done myself. This cute little app will let your kids make, bake and decorate their
own cut-out holiday cookies, even when the real ones are all gone.

So whether you’re happily easing or
frantically skidding your way into the holidays, hopefully these fun
apps will give you and your kids a little Christmas cheer!

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