Samsung Focus Flash smart phone with Windows 7.5I was hesitant to trade in my iPhone for a few weeks to test out the Samsung Focus Flash with the all new Windows 7.5. But after giving it a social and photographic workout, and quizzing my Windows Phone-lovin’ friends, here are 5 reasons I’d suggest giving this little phone a good look.

Great for a social butterfly.
The Mango OS really makes
social networking a breeze. With things like Twitter, Linked-In and
Facebook built-in, staying connected is seriously only a click-away.
This is partly why this could be a great phone for a teen who’s ready to
enter the world of smartphones.

All your peeps in one place.
“People Hub” is one of my favorite aspects of these new Windows phones.
Instead of having to visit different places to check in on things like
work emails, Facebook feeds or Gmail, the People tile brings all the
updates into one central place, sorting them by your contacts, not by
the social medium itself.  It makes it super easy to keep up with your
sister’s check-in at yoga class and your husband’s email that he’ll be
home early to take the kids so you can go out with your girlfriends.
Photos at your fingertips.
I admit it. For as much as I pride myself on being a DSLR-totin’
“mom-tographer,” 70% of the pictures I take on a daily basis are snapped
with my phone. And I love that the Samsung Focus Flash has an exterior
button dedicated just for the camera. Now, chances are you won’t miss
capturing that split-second moment when your children were actually
sitting peacefully in the same chair reading a book without pulling hair
and poking eyes out. 
She’s a lightweight.
only does the Focus Flash feel good in your hands, it comes with a
lightweight price tag, too. For around $50 (seriously) you can get this
little phone that packs in a lot of the extras you want a phone to have,
without the bulky price tag. 
Mango is not an iOS wannabe.
everyday phone is an iPhone so when I took this phone for a test-drive,
I kind of wondered if these Windows 7.5 Mango phones were just iPhone
OS wannabes. That’s not the case at all. I definitely think they bring
their own set of great features to the table without seeming like
they’re just trying to keep up with other big name phones on the market.
With a great little set of apps, live tiles and a really
visually-pleasing interface design, this phone can stand on its own. 
Not everyone needs an iPhone or Droid, or an app for everything from the closest baby changing station
to how much to tip your hairdresser. So whether you’re the kind of
person who wants a great phone without the major price tag, or you’re
looking to upgrade your teen to a budget-friendly and
still totally cool smart phone, the Samsung Focus Flash is definitely one to consider. -Molly