ABBA You Can DanceI’d hardly consider myself a video gamer, but give me a dance game and you’ll have to rip that Wii remote out of my hand. So when I discovered that the makers of my all-time favorite game Just Dance released a new one dedicated to the best band ever well, I had to check it out. And, I love it. I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.

ABBA You Can Dance is a new family favorite and my guess is that it will
be yours too, even if you’re not the biggest fan of the Swedish sensation. Similar to the
other Just Dance games, you and three other folks can battle it out by
following various dance moves choreographed to a slew of ABBA favorites.
But there’s so much more that I love about this than just shaking my butt to
Dancing Queen.

Aside from much more family-friendly dance moves than others offer — think grapevine,
mamas — the songs and choreography really do span generations; no awkward pelvis pumps with Great Aunt Joan next to you.
Also, most of the songs have more than one dancer performing, sometimes
all four (like the band!), all of which are doing different
choreography at one time or another during the song, making the game
much more interesting because you can choose your character (male or
female) and change things up.

If you plug in your USB microphone you can also add karaoke to the mix,
which is especially nice if you’ve got folks who’d prefer not to dance
but are more than happy to sing along.

I actually like that the scoring doesn’t seem to be the main component
of the game. You’ll just see a bar that goes up as you earn points while
letting you know whether you nailed or blew a move with your final
number score showing up after the song is over, which makes it clear to
me that this game really is about families spending time together. And
possibly embarrassing the heck out of each other. But, hey, that’s what
families are for. And why they make video cameras. -Kristen

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