Being social takes entirely too much effort since becoming a mom. I don’t have time for lengthy phone calls and emails with five different recipients using “reply all” too often. Then again, being social is one of the only ways us moms stay sane, so having time to pencil in those all-important grown-up shindigs that come around once in a blue moon is important, too.

Instead of throwing up your hands (again), and missing out on another parents’ night out opp (again), check out this great new site that eliminates the need for “reply all” with a streamlined Google calendar meets Meetup approach.

Synkup is a self-proclaimed personal scheduling assistant which simplifies scheduling needs by putting everyone and everything into one Google or Facebook calendar-accessible place. All you need to do is show up at happy hour.

Sign up is free (yay!) and once you’re all logged in, adding friends is easy. After that, choose the where/when/how/why, create an event (say, one of those fabulous holiday parties you’ve got cluttering your calendar this month?), and everyone chimes in with their availability in one place–no “reply all” needed. – Pilar

Check out Synkup personal scheduling assistant.