Brain Child

Those of us who love smart-parenting magazine Brain, Child, The Magazine for Thinking Mothers know that we’re in for a treat whenever another funny, tender, intelligent and quirky quarterly issue shows up in our mailbox. However, I don’t leave home without my iPad, so I’m pretty happy to hear that Brain, Child has figured out how to come along with me digitally too.

The new ereader version of Brain, Child for the Kindle, Nook and iPad puts the print magazine literally at my fingertips. With the same smart content as its paper cousin, the digital version also lets me highlight and note special sections so I can revisit them later. And with plenty of shorter columns as well as a few longer, meatier stories, I can find something to read no matter how much time I have.

Subscriptions for the ereader cost the same as a print subscription which is totally worth it for those of you like me, who never leave home without their tablets.

Hooray, this “thinking mother” has some e-reading to do. –Christina

Brain, Child’s ereader version is brand new and subscription details can be found at the Brain, Child website. If you are already a subscriber, just contact Brain, Child if you’d like to switch over immediately.


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