Q: My kids ages 8, 9, and 10 are getting iPods from their grandmom for Christmas. Can you recommend an alarm clock/charging dock that’s good for their age and not too expensive? -reader by Twitter

What a generous grandma! Your kids will be thrilled at all the wonderful things they’ll be able to do with their iPods. There are so many docking stations on the market that also serve as alarm clocks, so I’ve handpicked a few that I think your kids will love.

Sony ICF-C7IP Docking Station
The name of the product may be a mouthful, but this iPod docking station (above) features a simple design that will appeal to kids. It seems to have a bright, illuminated face and offers easy one-touch buttons on the front of the clock. The design doesn’t take up a lot of space, and the sliding dock tray comes out when you need it and is hidden when you don’t–a handy feature in any cluttered kids’ room. ($66)

iLuv Alarm Clock 

Aside from the cool colors this alarm clock/docking station comes in–blue, pink, white, and black–the best part about this device is the fact that it comes with…a bed shaker! Ha! That’s right, let the alarm clock wake your kids up for you with a vibrating attachment that can be placed on the pillow or bed. Better it than you. ($45)

Ottavo alarm clock and iPod docking station

Ottavo Docking Station
If your tween still hasn’t outgrown the pink stage, the Ottavo docking station and alarm clock will be a hit. It seems to be a pretty simple design, but the speakers look like they can handle even the loudest Justin Bieber tunes. And it looks oh so pretty in pink–though it comes in white as well and costs a little less. ($49) -Jeana

You can find all these docking stations at our affiliate, Amazon

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