Editors' Picks: Coolest shopping helpersAs much as we love shopping, we love it even more thanks to the amazing sites and apps that make our online shopping experience much easier, especially on our wallets.

Coolest shopping sites: Fab

Liz: Because I’m addicted to Fab.com of course I’m addicted to the little alert that hits my iPhone at 11 AM every morning. It’s the fastest way to find everything that’s cool, modern, and possibly…mine. 

Coolest shopping sites: Priceblink

Liz: I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved shopping this year with the help of Priceblink. While you can go right to their website, I love the browser add-on which automatically suggests discount codes and lower prices from other stores, as I shop. After all, why buy that new handbag for $100 when you can buy it for 20% off plus free shipping at the very same store?

Coolest shopping sites: Decide.com

Kristen: I consult Decide.com any time I am about to make a tech purchase. Aside from telling me if I should act (and giving me the lowest price on my gadget on the web) or wait, their app lets you scan items and gives you a price history. I refuse to shop without it. 

Coolest shopping sites: Lela

Kristen: If only this site was around when I was pregnant with my first kid. It’s really like Match.com for baby gear and gadgets, helping you pick everything from a stroller to a camera (and everything in between) that’s perfect for your exact needs. In a word: brilliant!