Geeky holiday cards: Letterpress QR code holiday cardDo you growl through the holiday card aisle, wishing there was a smart card as geeky as your smartphone? Is your holiday card in another castle? Are you missing out on the 011010100110111101111001?

(That’s joy in binary, BTW.)

Geeks rejoice! We’ve got your geeky holiday cards right here!

First of all, there’s that gorgeous Letterpress QR Code Holiday Card from kissandpunch on Etsy. Scan the QR code for an extra surprise– a quirky holiday YouTube video that’s half Legally Blonde and half Inception, set to ska music and starring a yorkie.
Pixels for holiday pixies! 
Maybe your geek chic is a little more retro. If so, you might dig
this Pixel Art Christmas Tree Holiday Card which
is available as a PDF that you can be printing at home before Mario
gets his next one-up. We love the unexpectedly bright pop of color!


a graphic designer in your life who thinks Pantone is #111111? Here’s a simple but elegant hexadecimal color holiday card at
a fantastic price. (10 for $10!)

   Vader Claus! 
you’re dreaming of a Darth Christmas, you’ll definitely want to get
your mitts on this adorable threesome of Darth Vader Claus Holiday

Venn you vish on a Christmas star!

For the chart-lover or statistician in your life, you can’t go wrong with
a Venn diagram card explaining exactly
what the card indicates. Bonus: This one’s a PDF, so you can download
it and print as many as you wish. And another +1 for combining red and green
in a way that didn’t make icky brown.

If you have a favorite geeky card to share, please tell us about it in
the comments! With the clock ticking down, a PDF might be the geeky
elf’s best friend.