usb handwarmersI remember discovering those little packs of disposable chemical hand warmer packets on a ski slope years ago and thinking aweeeeesome. I also remember wondering just what that stuff was, and what it was doing to the planet. Leave it to some techies to reinvent the handwarmer as a rechargeable USB device–that happens to be on sale this very second.

The Senses Handwarmers hail from Japanese company Milestone and they
happen to be on sale at Fab this very second for 43%
off, until they run out.

They look great,with that sleek ergonomic egg-shaped design, and give
you up to 6 hours on a single charge. For $29 (Instead of the usual $50)
I think it makes a super cool stocking stuffer for your favorite skier.
Or snowman-maker. Or people like me who just really really hate having
cold hands in the winter. –Liz

Find a little bit about the Senses handwarmers from the Milestone
website. Or use our invitation link to get them right now from