One of the highlights of our year was putting together our second annual tech gift guide. But we understand that you might still be looking for that perfect tech gift, which hey, we totally get. We’re busy moms too.

So to help you out with your last minute shopping dilemmas, we’ve rounded up four ways to help you get your hands on that perfect tech gift in time for Christmas.

Online Shopping. Sort of.

You can still purchase a slew of cool tech gifts (even ones on our gift guide!) at though you’ll want to order today as it’s the last full day to order with 2-day shipping. Being an Amazon Prime member really pays off now because you can get free 2-day shipping through Wednesday, and then pay per item for one-day shipping.

You can also snag free next day shipping at the on selected items if you order today, which is way better than fighting the lines at the Apple store.

Tip: If you order anything from Best Buy, you can use their in-store pick up for certain items, which allows you to order online, skip the ship charges and then pop in at your local store to bring it home.

In Store Purchasing

Your best (and probably cheapest) bet is to head to your local store, like Radio Shack or Best Buy, and pick up the item you’re searching for. Just do your best to avoid peak shopping times so you won’t have to fight too hard for a parking space and deal with huge lines. And we definitely suggest calling ahead, or checking their website to be sure they have the item you’re looking for in the store before you pack up the kids and go buy it.

Tip: If you’re looking for a NOOK Tablet, head to your local Barnes & Noble store. They’ve got all the NOOKreaders and tablets plus accessories too, ready for purchase.

Off the Beaten Path

Don’t forget to hit stores that you might not necessarily think of first for tech. Target has a pretty wide selection of tech gifts, including gaming systems, cameras, even e-readers, iPhones, and iPads, many of which are on sale right now. You can also find plenty of tech items at office supply stores like Staples and Office Max as well.

Just be sure to do your research ahead of time so you not only can go in and out fairly quickly, but you don’t need to rely on the help of customer service reps who will be pretty swamped–and honestly, may not be as knowledgeable as those in the more tech-focused stores.

Tip: You can also find a slew of deeply discounted tech accessories at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Get a Gift Card

While not everyone is a fan of giving gift cards, they’re still a gift and we’d certainly not turn our nose down at one. If you’re feeling a little guilty about giving one, dress it up by pairing it with coordinating accessories–like earbuds with an iTunes card for a tween with a new iPod touch. Or a beautiful case to go with a card used to purchase a new tablet. The gift card can be just one very cool part of your thoughtful gift.

Tip: Check the terms for the gift cards before you purchase. Some have fees and others will charge the person per year if they don’t use it.

If you still need more holiday tech gift ideas, check our tech gift guide!

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