Preschool learning app by Alma Loveland: Make it Pop
When Alma Loveland, well-known and uber-talented illustrator from Ollibird Designs created an education app for preschoolers the results were nothing short of amazing.

This new learning app features 5 games that help your littles with their numbers, letters, shapes, sizes and colors.

Each game on Make It Pop features some variety of the very
addictive popping action–whether it’s blowing bright pink bubble gum,
setting off fireworks, bursting floating bubbles or popping up popcorn.
Filled with sweet, whimsical illustrations, the app has designer-mom
written all over it. 
And while I’m personally
tempted to reach for this app and it’s therapeutic bubble-popping, in
the hands of my toddler, I appreciate that this app keeps it simple.
Each popping game focuses on one area of key preschool skills; there’s
no bombarding of little minds with information and visual overload, just
a fun approach to learning.

Engaging all your preschooler’s senses (Alright,
they really shouldn’t attempt to lick the popcorn
), this bundle of
games in the Make It Pop app make for a great addition to your
collection of guilt-free tech time for your littles.-Molly

The Make It Pop
educational app for preschoolers is available for iPhone or iPad from the iTunes store.

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