theorymine!For the geek who has everything, we’ve finally found the alpha and omega of custom gifts. 

Anyone can have a star. Anyone can have a diamond (at least, a little one). But now you can name a unique mathematical theory after your special someone.

And math, unlike stars and diamonds and gingerbread AT-ATs, lasts forever.

That’s right, mathletes. For about $24 at TheoryMine, you get your own guaranteed accurate, original mathematical theory, named for your loved one. And you can get a matching t-shirt, mug, or mouse pad starting at $15.

What’s a theorem, and how can you be sure your theorem is original and correct? Um, they have a FAQ for that on the TheoryMine site. Rest assured that Scotland’s finest artificial intelligence goes to great lengths to make sure you get your money’s worth, and the included PDF certificate says so. 
I can’t imagine a way to get more geekbrag points than to have an actual theorem named after you. Unless Pythagoras or Einstein shows up to the party, I theorize you’ll be the belle of the boolean ball.~Delilah
Get all the deets at TheoryMine. They’re in Scotland, but they accept Paypal. 
[thanks louis!]