Noisezero O+ eco headphones
As much as I try to avoid plastic toys for my kids when I can, it’s pretty tough when it comes to technology. So that’s why these headphones caught my attention, well beyond the fact that they look pretty cool.

The Noisezero O+ Eco headphones
are made out of cornstarch bioplastics and reused aluminum which makes
them completely recyclable, though given that they’re touted to have
super clear sound and a fab bass, thanks in part to the bioplastics
actually, you might not be tossing them in the recycle bin anytime soon.

Even so, they are a cool gift for the eco-conscious audiophile in your
life, or just someone who appreciates a stylish pair of headphones with a
nifty back story. -Kristen

So, what do you think? Is this the start of more eco-friendly tech products?

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