Recently, I was looking at a friend’s amazing Instagram stream and I asked how she got her photos looking so gorgeous. She said one word:  Rosebud. Then she died.

No, just kidding. She said Snapseed.

Within moments I had it downloaded. And let me say, this is one fabulous photo editing app for iPhone or iPad.

(Update: now that it’s owned by Google, it’s available for Android too.)

It is super easy to enhance your photos just with basic tapping or sliding and I love that you have options like adjusting only a small part of a photo–say you want to blur everything in the background behind your perfect child. Of course there are some great filters (love those filters) and some nicer frames and borders than others services offer, and all the instant social network sharing you’d expect these days.

It’s kind of the best of both words–a professional quality photo editing program, all with a pretty easy interface. The more you play with it, the easier it gets. And I imagine I’ll be playing with it a lot.

Now that there are so many ways to turn your iPhone photos into gifts, I’d say this is is one app worth the space on your phone.

Download Snapseed for iOS or Android

[thanks, ceci!]