Titanium iPhone 4/4S case
With a bunch of kids pawing at my iPhone more than I’d like to admit, I’m always on the look out for a case that might stand the test of eight grubby hands that might accidentally drop it. And so, if you’re like me, this iPhone case might just give you the protection you’re looking for, but not without a hefty pricetag.

If you were expecting a Def Leppard iPhone case, you are going to be
sorely disappointed. This Titanium iPhone case is carefully cut from a solid
piece of metal and fits around your phone with the help of the included
tool kit, protecting it from spikes and spills that occur
whether you’ve got kids or just so happen to be accident prone

And you have to figure if they use Titanium for car parts and airplane
machines, it’s got to be able to stand the test of a few kids. But just how
much does a Titanium case go for these days? $300! Take that, Beverly Hills swarovski-crystal iPhone case show-offs.

Yep, $300. Crazy, we know. But that doesn’t mean we
can’t admire it from afar. -Kristen

You can purchase the unique Titanium iPhone 4/4S case at Case-Mate.

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